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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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    morning all!

    have you all had a nice weekend?

    any christmas shopping done?

    any wedding plans made?!

    i did a little xmas shopping for my brother, and even a little window shopping for me m2b!

    i also tried on some wedding rings... i am now convinced of one i found before and tried it again! it's perfect!

  • Nattson

    I got some christmas shopping done this weekend. So all the presents going to England are now ready to send of :)

    My mum is going to do our invetations to the wedding. We have already decided on what we want on the card and so on... BUT this weekend I carefully said to mum that i´v seen something entierly different. To my relife she laughed and said of course you can change it´s your wedding. So today i´m going to by a pack of cards and she is going to help me with some decorations on the card. :)

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    my mum is alos making our invitations! she sent me a picture a few weeks ago whihc was nice but i had to softely suggest a slight variation on the theme which wasn't taken so well... but then afterwards she thought it was much nicer! phew!

    she is busy making them so that we can collect them when we see her at xmas (they live in the usa). we will help her make the rsvp cards over the xmas holiday too.

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    have any of you thought about morgongåva for your men? i know traditionally that the man gives one to the woman in sweden (perhaps you will all miss out on this since you have british guys )... but what do you think about doing it the other way around? it seems to me that we women get a pretty good deal of the wedding... i mean, fancy dress, nice new jewelery and underwear, diamond rings.... i thought about giving my man something special... is that a bit weird?... has anyone else thought about doing this?

  • Billa

    I will buy my H2B a present, I don't know what yet, but I'll figure it out!

    I have found my dress now!!! I'm so happy! I haven't order it yet, but I will this week!! :)

    I'm thinking about british wedding traditions, my grandmother loves traditions, and shr might expect some british traditions too! Have you got some ideas for me?!

  • future mrs B

    morning ladies

    weekend was ok, worked saturday evening-was ok. knows the money is going to something good....

    I'm buying ny m2b a gift, think it will be a cigarett case, engraved on the back with our wedding date.

  • Billa

    future mrs B, that was a great idea! With the engraving!
    Wonder if it is possible to do the same thing with a whiskey glass?!

  • tree

    hi girls... looks like we r thinking alike which is super!
    i can't say what i was thinking because m2b sometimes reads this page! hehe...

    rather than ogin down the 'isle' with your m2b your dad could give you away... that is an english tradition... i will do this!

  • Billa

    future mrs B, Thank you so mush for that idea! That's what he is going to get! An engraved whiskey glass!

    terri, that was a good idea! I think my dad would appreciate it too!

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