• tree
    Äldre 24 Nov 09:10
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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • Billa
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:09

    catte, Where in västerås are you getting married?! We are getting married in Barkarö kyrka !

    terri, My dad is born and raised in Henley (near London)! So I got a few relatives coming over seas!

    The flight between london and västerås is canseled during november and december. I heard that they are gone fly from there in the beginning of next year! It´s so typical, we are going on a weekend trip to england between 7-10th of december! So we are flying from skavsta!

  • tree
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:13

    isn't that just typical!

    i was just just browsing this website for wedding reception stuff... it's great!

    i might have to place an order before i go to the states so i can see it all at xmas! i made alist worth $200! but there is alot on the list so i think it't a pretty good deal!

  • future mrs B
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:14


    I went to the regatta last year, very nice to see all the fancy hats... I was going to say that you have stockholm-thats not too far from Vasteras. its like me they are talking about cancel malmo-if they do I have to fly with easy jet from copenhagen...

  • catte
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:41

    terri: They are flying again from March onwards, which makes it a lot of easier for everyone!!!

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:55

    Thanks, terri, my head feels a bit better. Sleep often is the best cure for everything. Though it is not always easy when you have a snoring h2b on your left side, prefering to sleep with at least one leg on you.

    Talking about flights to England: isn't it unbelievable that you now have to pay extra for the lugage you check in (ok, 'now' is since about 6 months or so)?!

  • tree
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:58

    i know it's crazy! it makes it even more important to get on the plane first so you can have your bag nearby!

  • tree
    Äldre 25 Nov 10:59

    time for a cup of tea i think! mmm

  • tree
    Äldre 25 Nov 11:03

    what are plans for the weekend?

    m2b is away today for sporting activity and won't be back till late.

    i'm going to practise curling my hair today and see how long it lasts! and later i will meet another b2b and drink some wine! someone i met here on BT!

    tomorrow looks like nice weather so plan to go to nacka for a walk around some lakes... take some fika!

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 25 Nov 11:06

    Just came to think of another thing: christmas. My h2b has tried Julmust for the first time. He says it tastes like a mixture between flat Coca Cola and root beer. He likes Glögg, though, and he has also tried Pepparkakor.
    Tonight we are going to do Lussekatter. We'll see how that goes.

    Is there anything special you English guys (or your English partners) eat and drink during the advent season? Admittedly, I don't always trust my partner in these things because he often tries to wind me up... Is it for example true, that in England people don't have advent? I mean, that you don't lit a candle every advent Sunday?

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 25 Nov 11:09

    Other plans for the weekend are working and cleaning the house.

    Tomorrow evening we have my parents here for a bit of chit-chat and cosy Glögg drinking. So I will put up the christmas curtains and some stuff tomorrow.

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