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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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    advent is a religeous ceremony so many poeple in england wouldn't know about it. i went to a catholic school for a few years when i was young so i know that they do it!

    i will put up our advent candle light thing this weekend and our other christmas decorations and tree next weekend... in england we like to do it around teh 1st december!

    we drink mulled wine at christmas time which is basically glögg! and often that is with mince pies... which i hate! i don't like any dried fruit so no christmas cake, mince pies or christmas pudding for me!

    we will have the swedish christmas things, glögg, pepparkaker, julmust and julöl!

  • NuÄrDetDags

    Yes, we start a bit earlier with the decoration this year because there are a lot of things coming up in December and we wanted to have a nice "christmas is here" evening with my parents.

    You put up the tree next weekend? Hm, I won't go that far. The tree and Santa Claus won't come up before the 22nd or so. Promised my h2b to only put up some curtains and candles now.

    Ok, so he didn't wind me up this time (with advent). Some things and traditions just sound so strange to me, I have to ask for a second opinion before I make myself a fool.

  • future mrs B

    my friends and family here in england never heard of advent, but the other day a bouhgt a new adventsljustake with 4 candles-cant wait til next sunday!!!

  • tree

    your freinds surely have! i'm sure they all had advent calenders as a child!... one with a 25 'doors' with a chololate or a picture behind! they just don't know where the term Advent comes from!... religeous history is long forgotten in modern english culture.

    its the same with our bank holidays. they are always on mondays so the original meaning of the holidays is forgotten!

  • tree

    we will go to my parents in the usa for xmas so since we wont see m2b's family they will come here for a long weekend the weekend after next. thats why i will put up the xmas stuff next weekend (or there abouts) so that it feels festive when they come... and we will give some gifts too so we need the tree! hehe

  • tree

    my family always put up the xmas stuff on the 1st dec when we also got our advent calenders... sometimes with chololate in them! it feels so cosy i think in the dull dark cold month of december!

  • future mrs B

    but thats not the same thing, advent calender is the 25(24) day countdown to christmas,but we celebrate 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th of advent, every sunday up intil christmas by lighting a candle. usually in a candelabre with white moss and papermade death cap (fly agaric)

  • tree

    yeah..i know... but i think the calender is a childrens development from the religeous countdown of lighting candels on sundays!

  • future mrs B

    don't know. my parents in laws never heard of it, doesnt know what it means-so think its a nice idea that we do it at our house so we can have traditions from both religions. I googled it and it comes up as a Christian tradition-but hey we do give and take from one religion,country,life style etc to another...

  • Nattson

    Good morning every one!

    We always has a calender sent from England when we were kids. We celebrate christmas day. We always have and I think I always will in one way or the other. My m2b does not have so strong family traditions so he likes it when we all sit donw by the tree and open presents at my parents house on the 25th. I always feels a bit strange for me to celebrate christmas eve when we are at his mum for christmas dinner.

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