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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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    anyway girls, itäs been lovely chatating with you... all day... but i guess i shoudl go and be ncie to my m2b! chat again soon i hope!

    it'd be nice to discuss more wedding details next time too!

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    and if you hadn't noticed... i type really bad when i am tired!

    and this stupid 'ä' is in the place where i want the ' symbol... you'd think after 1,5 years my fingers wouldv'e learn that by now!

  • Pomodoro

    Terri: Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm a typically negative swede. My fiance's done his elective in Sweden. He lived with my parents for two moths and learnt swedish that way as well. Apparently, if you're from the UK, you don't have take any exams, as long as you speak the language. I actually think it'll be easier for him to get a job than me.
    Completely OT: I just handed in a manuscript to my supervisor and he said: "It's really good. Have you copied it from somewhere else or have you written it yourself?" That just shows how highly he thinks of me...
    Finally my experiment is finished, so I'm heading off.
    Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

  • Billa

    You have been busy bees today! I'm to tired to read all of them right now!
    I saw the list earlier in here:

    NuÄrDetDags Karolstad 17/03-07
    future mrs B Malmö 16/06-07
    terri stockholm 18/08-07
    Nattsan Skokloster 25/08-07
    Billa Västerås 15/9 -07

    So I'm last in here! It seems to be that way everywhere in here!

    Sorry for my spelling, not used to express my self in writing! To be honest, I'm realy lousy at swedish grammar and spelling to! That's how it goes when you learn both languages at the same time! Hehehehe!

  • tree

    NuÄrDetDags Karolstad 17/03-07
    future mrs B Malmö 16/06-07
    pomodoro blekinge XX/07-07
    terri stockholm 18/08-07
    Nattsan Skokloster 25/08-07
    Billa Västerås 15/9 -07

    so you are not english? is your m2b english then?

  • NuÄrDetDags

    Terri: my h2b loves Sweden; he is still amazed about the amount of trees. The only thing he misses every now and then is the English pub culture. We are living in a quite small town so here are not many pubs to go to (actually, here is only one restaurant).
    And I don't think he will ever learn Swedish. At the beginning he was really motivated but he soon figured out that every time he switches on the TV it is in English, he only has English customers, so English is his daily language anyway, every where we come people want to practise their English ? even if we go to the post office they approach him in English.

    He picks up more and more Swedish words though ("isn't that Swedish word this in English") but sometimes it goes wrong. Like as he saw a headline on a newspaper: "Sex offer" in Swedish is not what it is in English.

    Well, I will try to go to bed again. Took a pain killer before I went to bed and now I woke up with a head ache again... :-/

  • catte


    Another swedish B2b with an English H2b...

    We are living in Västerås and Philip came to live with me 5 years ago. He was determend to learn swedish and after 1,5 years he was fluent! He is now working for UPS in Stockholm and wouldn't move back to England for the world!

    We are having our wedding here in Sweden -Västerås. Having Ryan Air just 10 minutes away from our house will make it quite easy for our guests to come to our big day! Haven't started with the invitations yet but when I do I might ask for help and ideas in here as my english isn't the best.

    Have a great Weekend all of you....

  • tree

    I hope you are feeling better after some sleep!
    i also miss the pub culture, the spontaneity of it! my m2b does too!
    and i know exactly what you mean about others speaking english. i used to frustrate me in the beginning when i tried to speak in english and then swedes replied in english... now they don't though! it took a while for people to understand i might be able to make it!

    and i'm still the only english bride! i can't be the only one!

    welcome to our conversation! as you can see, you are not the only bride from västerås here!

    isn't the ryanair london-västerås flight being cancelled next year? i thought ryanair were pulling out of västerås because of the environmental tax... or?!

    when are you getting married... perhpas you can add to our list!

  • future mrs B

    god morgon alla

    hope you all slept well. i think I will start today when my m2b comes home, I will talk in swedish and he can reply in english-hopefully he will learn some more that way.
    we go to the pub every sunday after he played football. I stand there like a true suporter in rain or snow. last weekend I couldnt feel my toes-but thats love I guess..and then into the lovely pub for a drink!

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