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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • NuÄrDetDags

    The shoes are ok so far, just a bit 'stiff' but I have decided to wear them when ever I am at home so that should be sorted til the wedding.

    I was looking for someone who comes to do my hair and make up but unfortunately I couldn't find anyone that comes home to me (or to the hotel) so my friend will sort that out (hopefully). She is actually quite good at this kind of things so I am not to worried (and as she will be at the wedding I can blame her and force her to fix everything that doesn't stay as it should ).

    Ah, and tomorrow we are going to check on the chapel again and after that we are meeting the lady that is designing our wedding cake - she will offer us different tastes to try, hehe (and that me, I am on a wedding diet!!).

    Since Jon saw my dress I am not worried about that at all any more but I also sneak in to look at it from time to time - to see that it is still there.

    Oh, then next will be very exciting for you! I remember us, standing at the post box with a big, big smile from one ear to the other after we posted our invitations.

  • Speckledust

    Finally Terri another English bride! But to throw the spanner in the works my MTB is also English!!

    We moved here 6½ years ago & are marrying here in Sweden (Sigtuna) 26th May. Met at work in the UK & both moved to the head offices in Sollentuna June 2000 on a 2 year contract & have been here ever since. Have our own house in Steninge & love it here, although miss the friends & family

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    well welcome to our thread! i moved here in may 2005 for a job. my m2b is swedish hence i searched for the job here in the first place. we had been in london for a few years and thought it was time for him to 'come home'! i love it here. can't imaging going back to england!

    most girls in this conversation have english men but are themselves swedish.

    not long till your wedding!

  • Speckledust

    Hi All,

    So when does everyone else on this thread get married? I started reading from the start last night but it's so long thatI had to skip to the end after page 20!

  • NuÄrDetDags (snart Mrs. 170307)

    Hej Speckledust! So terri finally found another English bride.

    We are getting married on 17 march, next month. Just ordered our "Just Married" t-shirts - one of my morning gift surprises.

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    NuÄrDetDags (snart Mrs. 170307)
    så röligt! det är så snart!

    that was cool to even try and read everything! hehe

  • 4:e Maj

    Speckledust - Welcome!

    I'm Swedish but have lived in London for the last 10 years and getting married to John (english) 4th May here in London.

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    alla ska gifta sig iinan mig! boo hoo... förutom Nattson som är veckan efter mig!

  • 4:e Maj

    Terri - I promise to tell you about all the don't and mini disasers that is bound to happen at ours!

  • Speckledust

    Thanks all for the welcome!

    So NuÄrDetDags only 3 weeks & 2 days until your big day then. Are the shoes comfortable enough yet? I was a bridesmaid to one of my best friends last year & we wore ivory bridal shoes & having really wide feet I wasn't looking forward to breaking them in so I cheated! I bought 2 shoe stretchers from the UK & they are the best thing I ever purchased. Tried to find some in Sweden but couldn't! Didn't have to take the shoes off at all during the whole day, they were so comfortable I'm actually re-using them again for my wedding although I've dyed them lilac now to match my dress.

    4:e Maj will you be having a hen party in the UK or Sweden or both? Having mine in the UK Easter Sataurday. Little nervous as my sister is organising it & she's a bit wild. I know it will involve wearing fairy wings & L plates etc

    Terri when are you tying the knot then?

  • Speckledust

    Duhhh, terri you can ignore my question! I'm obviously blind not to have seen it on your leading thread question!!

    At least by 18th August everyone will be back from summer holidays. That's always something that's baffled me with Sweden how almost everywhere just shuts down for the whole of July when all the tourists come

  • tree

    hi all!
    i'm tying the know 18th august here in stockholm, bromma actually...

    no idea about my hen party... one of my freinds here is organising it... i donät think ym english friends would come over here for that though and then again fr the wedding... and i donät have many close friends in sweden (boo hoo) so i have no idea what's going to happen... i wonder if i should suggest having it in london instead... hmm....

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    i know! isn't that so funny... i have no idea how businesses survive... basically by burning them all our in the spring!

    we planned it that way too... hoefully mroe of our freinds and family can come this way.... we'll see!

  • Speckledust

    I think it will be a lot more fun in London, little more exciting than Stockholm anyway

    Quite hard to get close friendships with Swedish people isn't it! Lovely people but unless you've grown up with them it's hard to push through the barrier, but once you do you've a friedn for life

  • 4:e Maj

    Had a mini hen party when I was home last in January as there wasn't going to be another opportunity for my Swedish friends. Friends over here are very secretive so not really sure what's going on. Have to say that I'm not too keen on the L plates and plastic breasts thing so I'll not be disapointed it nothing comes of it.

    Where do I find shoe stretchers? Sounds like a must!

    Think the Swedish 'industi semestern' is a hilarious thing. It was invented so that factory workers etc could have a propper summerholiday. As a result, many smaller businesses decided to have their holiday at the same time as halv of the country was at a standstill. Think the worse day of the summer is the Friday on which it starts as thousands of people get out on the monorway with their caravans. Things has become better in the last 15 years though...

  • 4:e Maj

    Thanks, will definetely get some as I often have problems with new shoes.

    My sister who also lives over here will hopefully make sure it doesn't get out of hand...

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