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    Äldre 20 Feb 22:42
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    Engelska bruda?

    Finally Terri another English bride! But to throw the spanner in the works my MTB is also English!!

    We moved here 6½ years ago & are marrying here in Sweden (Sigtuna) 26th May. Met at work in the UK & both moved to the head offices in Sollentuna June 2000 on a 2 year contract & have been here ever since. Have our own house in Steninge & love it here, although miss the friends & family

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    Äldre 21 Feb 10:12

    Hi All,

    So when does everyone else on this thread get married? I started reading from the start last night but it's so long thatI had to skip to the end after page 20!

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    Äldre 21 Feb 16:32

    Thanks all for the welcome!

    So NuÄrDetDags only 3 weeks & 2 days until your big day then. Are the shoes comfortable enough yet? I was a bridesmaid to one of my best friends last year & we wore ivory bridal shoes & having really wide feet I wasn't looking forward to breaking them in so I cheated! I bought 2 shoe stretchers from the UK & they are the best thing I ever purchased. Tried to find some in Sweden but couldn't! Didn't have to take the shoes off at all during the whole day, they were so comfortable I'm actually re-using them again for my wedding although I've dyed them lilac now to match my dress.

    4:e Maj will you be having a hen party in the UK or Sweden or both? Having mine in the UK Easter Sataurday. Little nervous as my sister is organising it & she's a bit wild. I know it will involve wearing fairy wings & L plates etc

    Terri when are you tying the knot then?

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    Äldre 21 Feb 16:35

    Duhhh, terri you can ignore my question! I'm obviously blind not to have seen it on your leading thread question!!

    At least by 18th August everyone will be back from summer holidays. That's always something that's baffled me with Sweden how almost everywhere just shuts down for the whole of July when all the tourists come

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    Äldre 21 Feb 17:15

    I think it will be a lot more fun in London, little more exciting than Stockholm anyway

    Quite hard to get close friendships with Swedish people isn't it! Lovely people but unless you've grown up with them it's hard to push through the barrier, but once you do you've a friedn for life

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    Äldre 21 Feb 21:14

    Got my 2 shoe stretchers from here www.shop.edirectory.co.uk/sales_and_marketing/1911/mia/pid/3137689 They're not the best quality wood, but the cheapest I found at the time that would deliver outside the UK

    UK hen parties are always a secret for the bride to be, but are generally a real good laugh. As long as your friends know what you do & don't like you'll be OK.

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