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    Äldre 24 Nov 09:10
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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 3 Jan 04:05

    To everyone: Happy New Year!!

    terri: Welcome home to rainy Sweden! It's a pity you are not in America anymore - found an 'alternative wedding dress' (you know, my uncertainty about mine not being traditional enough), but they only deliver within the States! Stupid people.

    Pumpalot: Vi skrev så här, det kanske är något du kan använda:
    First of all: If you are thinking about a wedding present, just everyone being there is enough for us! We appreciate that travelling and staying in Sweden may be expensive. If you feel that you would still like to offer a gift, why not make a small contribution towards the honeymoon? [...] At Sundsta Mansion there will be a treasure chest for cards and wishes.

    Switzerland: Hm, "between Stockholm and Göteborg" and for "summer or winter" - that should be possible. Are you looking for a restaurant type of thing or do you want something where you can have your own food (catering) and take your own drinks? And are you planning to get married in a church (so that the church should be nearby) or do you want a registrar to come to where you want to celebrate?

  • Nattso­n
    Äldre 3 Jan 09:40

    Happy new year to you all!!

    Me and mum made the first invitation card during christmas. They will be sent out during feb I think. :)

  • fröken Inga
    Äldre 3 Jan 09:46

    Hi girls.

    I´m not getting married to an english man but my bridesmade is and next month me and my m2b are going to london to se her. I was hoping to get some shopping done and woundering if you got any advise for me, where to go and what to see. I don´t really need the dress, but I´d like to look at shoes, accesories, fabrics and so on...


  • Switze­rland
    Äldre 3 Jan 12:09

    NuÄrDetDags Thank you for your reply. Well we are looking for something like a Castle, Herrgard, or something. Were they make really good food etc. Somewhere that has an amazing feel to it! I have been doing some reaserch and not really found anything that I thought was WOW! Someone in the forum suggested Bjertops slott. which is seems nice, but it still did not grab our attention.We would probably do the church thing as we think that churches are pretty etc. so preferably a church near by. But the whole event would be for a long weekend. So we want to rent the place from friday to sunday.
    We have not thought about catering and renting a place, as we do not know any really nice places.

    thank you again for your help, have a nice day,


  • 4:e Maj
    Äldre 3 Jan 13:33

    Nattson - Remind me, which month are you getting married? Was planning to despatch our invites 1st week in March (8 weeks before) but that might be late? My mother-in-law-to-be thinks it's more than enough but being the bride I worry of course...

  • tree
    Äldre 3 Jan 19:29

    cool with the invitations... my mum almost finished making ours, we have to print the text for the evening only invitations. we bought some packages in the US also to make our festprogram and also some basic thank you cards that we will jazz up a little. we also bought silk rose petals for both the aisle and table decorations, a flower basket and a letter box for cards, wishes and honeymoon contributions to be placed in. and i got a lovely hand bag... which reminds me, i must check the colour match with my dress!

    i can reccomend the place we r getting married in stockholm. 1600's slott, original details etc on the 'fest floor' and modern on the ground floor. 54 hotel rooms (4*) that are all uniquely designed. excellant and accomodating chef for all the food too. www.ulfsundaslott.se

    did anyone get any nice surprises for xmas? m2b gave me diamond earrings! we had set a low budget this year due to the wedding saving plan... but for the first time ever i stuck to it and he completly blew it! haha... of course they were bought in the usa where diamonds are half the price of here! but anyway, i am thrilled!

    have u all read the thread a woman wrote asking why honeymoon couples 'expect' an upgrade on the flight... well read on! we lied when we checked in for our flight and said we got engaged on new years eve and wondered that if there were some seats available perhpas we could get an upgrade to make the trip home more romantic... the answer was OF COURSE! super! business class was amazing. as we were seated we were given a glass of champagne, then hot towels, then a flight package with everything we needed to be comfortable throughout the flight, then a menu for dinner...with 4 choices!, 3 courses plus cheese, as much wine as we wanted, then coffee and digestif!... and then a super breakfast later on. truely wonderful! and the seats were huge and reclined so far back and a foot rest came out, it was great to actually be able to sleep on the plane!
    my tip is to make sure you ask about an upgrade when you go for your honeymoons! the check in lady looked straight away and saw there were seats available in business class and said that actually the plane was slightly overbooked so it was perfect time to ask! it is normal practise to overbook flights, and i have been asked to take other flight for financial incentives many times so upgrading is often a possibilty...

    anyway, back to work tomorrow boo hoo

  • tree
    Äldre 3 Jan 19:32

    oh yeah, we plan to send our invites end of feb/beginning of march... our rsvp/osa date is 4th may so that we have time to send a second round of invites out if we get an 'nej tacks' and they can be returned by end of june. getting married 18/08.

    we plan to use the rsvp function on the wedding anouncer website....almost done with our website now. i'll put up a link and show u all when it's done!

  • Switze­rland
    Äldre 4 Jan 10:14


    Great, thanks for that. I seems to be in line a little with what we are looking for. As I assume that you are also abroad, have you found that they are professional and that they take care of most things. As it is more difficult for us since we are in Switzerland to plan a wedding in Sweden.
    Take care


  • tree
    Äldre 4 Jan 10:40

    they are extremely professional i have to say, and very accomodating.
    but actually i live in stockholm!

    i have freinds who live in geneva who are planning a wedding in sweden too... they r both swedish and are getting married in skåne so you are not alone!

  • Pumpal­ot
    Äldre 4 Jan 10:53

    När pappa leder fram mig till altaret - vart ska då min brudtärna vara? ska hon gå med oss, eller står hon redan framme med M2B och bestman?

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