• tree
    Äldre 24 Nov 09:10
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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • tree
    Äldre 16 Dec 16:38

    where is your address? u can send it to me brud1808@yahoo.se and i'll send you my regular contact details!

    come to stockholm then! you know at least 2 girls here who'd love to meet u! and you'll be close to the airport for cheap weekend trips back to england!

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 16 Dec 17:06

    Oh, terri, that is nice to hear!
    Yes, we are thinking of either Gothenburg or Stockholm area: nice, big cities with some action and airports but we have banned all these thoughts until after the wedding. The next 3 months (3 months and 1 day!) will be busy, which is good.

    On christmas/new year friends from Germany are coming and I have invited a secret guest from England to my h2bs birthday in January (it is so exciting, he has no clue that his best mate he misses sooo much will be here in about 3 weeks :D).

  • tree
    Äldre 16 Dec 19:03

    how exciting! that's a pretty cool birthday gift!

  • future mrs B
    Äldre 16 Dec 19:35

    hello girls

    sorry for not being in contact, everything is just mad at the mo. weddingplans, christmas, 2 waterleaks, students and new job... i'm always thinking of you all and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a GOD JUL & GOTT NYTT AR!!!!

  • tree
    Äldre 16 Dec 23:40

    det samma future mrs B!

  • 4:e Maj
    Äldre 18 Dec 11:07

    Morning! Have you shown your dress or photos of it to many? Just wondering as many of my friends and h2b's relatives like to see it and part of me whan to show it but another want to keep it a secret until the weddingday.

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 18 Dec 11:36


    4:e Maj: I have only showed the pictures to my best friend (who is also the maid of honour), well, and here. My mum has seen the picture from the online store but not the real dress.

    I also want to keep it secret. After all my h2b refuses to see it so it would be strange if everyone else knew what it looks like.

    future mrs B: Poor you! I hope things will calm down until christmas! Christmas is there to relax and enjoy not to have to bother about water leaks! So to you too: HA EN TREVLIG JUL OCH ETT GOTT NYTT ÅR!

  • tree
    Äldre 19 Dec 17:42

    i have shown online pics to my family and bridesmaids werewith me when i tried it/bought it. but i know what you mean about keeping it a secret too... it's hard!

    andway, i am in sunny georgia usa now! it's 24degrees and sunny! been playing golf in my parents back yard! have a super xmas everyone!

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 19 Dec 17:57

    24 degrees?! I can see -24 degrees coming... :D

    I wish you nice and relaxed christmas days and if we don't read eachother again this year, a happy, healthy and successful new year!!

  • Nattso­n
    Äldre 20 Dec 15:06

    24degrees sounds nice :)

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!!

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