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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • 4:e Maj

    We are following the swedish traditions as it's a swedish church but it will all be in english. The reception will be more like an english wedding reception without the 'allsang' or the playing. The cake will be a none fruitcake. I will do a party program although I don't think that's an english tradition, right?

    Also, I like to seat people who don't know each other together but my english friends and people at work says that is unheard of in the uk - is that right?

  • Nattson

    My dad is wlaking with me to the alter. My m2b and bestman will be waiting at the alter. I have two bridemaids, I dont know if they walk in before or after me. My brother will be walking with them.

  • future mrs B

    forgot about the veil- bought one but wont cover my face, can see myself tripping down the isle

  • tree

    my m2n and his bestman will also wait at the alter. me and my dad will go in first with 2 bridesmaids behind... we might have a litte brudnäbb who will go in with either rose petals or the rings... but he will only just be 2 so maybe he'll be too young... we'll have to wait and see closer to the time!

    future mrs B
    have you bought yoru dress already too?

    has anyone else already bought their dress? mine is hangin up in the wardobe already! so exciting!

  • tree

    does naybody know.... do both dads have the same suit as groom and bestman? i thought it was just father of the bride since he was in the actual 'wedding party'. we were wondering about this the other day... and one of my english friends who is also getting married next year made a reference in a mail that they had hired suits for both dadS!

  • tree

    will you all take your m2b surname? i will take my man's name! i was thinking about maying applying for swedish citizenship too after the wedding!... hmm... will your m2b become 'swedish' or you 'english'?

  • future mrs B

    yes I've bought my dress, picking it up next saturday

    usually the dads have the same suit asn the groom, but there are no musts. My dad is the kind of persom who is more comfterable in his own suit. so he is wearing a black suit, white shirt and a burgundy tie. as matching as possible..

  • 4:e Maj

    Going dress shopping next week in sweden as they are so much cheaper than over here.

    I will apply for english citizenship when we have children, at the moment there is no additional benefits.

  • 4:e Maj

    Yes, I will take his name as I'm so tired of spelling mine all the time

  • future mrs B

    don't you have to be in the country 5years to apply for a citizenship even though you get married???

    I'm keeping my surname will never give it up, its not special in anyway but, thats one of the few swedish things I will have left. so it will be my surname hyphen his...

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