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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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    i understand!

    you can reach me on brud1808@yahoo.se
    woulnd't it be funny if you knew eachother. i guess you went to the same school so it is likely!

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    Will get married to my english guy 04/05/07 here in London (in english but in the swedish church) where we plan to live, propably for the rest of our lives. Currently lookin for a little house in Sweden for holidays as they are soooo cheap.

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    seems i am the only 100% british bride here! and i donät know nay english poeple ehre in stockholm either! thast quite funny because I am told that there are many!... perhpas they are all only men!

  • 4:e Maj

    So what it is like being british living in sweden (I only know it the other way around)?

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    4:e Maj
    i love it here!

    The standard of living is alot higher. as a worker, we have much better conditions here in sweden too which is great.

    i like swedish poeple very much. i really like the way swedish poeple take care of their surroundings and have a little more respect for eachother, and are less competative that british people. although, sometimes i miss the openess of english people. i think we brits are more likely to say how we feel and what we think.

    i cannot imagine going back to live in england. it is so wet and horrid and you have to put up with so much s**t! crappy landlords, mould, rain, late working without overtime, denied long holidays!... need i continue?!... but oh i miss the beer... a pint of London pride would go down lovely!

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    how do you b2b enjoy living in england? why would you/not consider staying there?

  • 4:e Maj

    I agree, living standard is a big thing. We are currently living in a relative's flat for free so it's currently not that big of an issue for us. I do get so fedup with the autumn/winter here as it's get so damp but love the spring and summer.
    What kind of job do you have and how fluent is your swedish (sorry if you think I'm nosy)? Just asking as many Europeans I met always talk about how difficult it is for a non swede to get a job over there.

  • Nattson

    I also miss the openness of the english people. I miss lemon icecream, you can´t get the same god stuff in Sewden.

    When my aunt worked she had very long days, starting at 08:00 and ending sometimes at nine or ten in the eavning!

  • future mrs B


    will email you when i get home...

    I know there is some food you just cant live without, we went to IKEA at Lakeside, bought sooo much food-glogg julmust pepparkakor....

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