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    Engelska bruda?

    Hello! May I join you?! I´m half Brittish! I´m marrying a swedish man in Västerås!

    Are you girls gone live in sweden or england after the wedding?!

  • Billa

    You have been busy bees today! I'm to tired to read all of them right now!
    I saw the list earlier in here:

    NuÄrDetDags Karolstad 17/03-07
    future mrs B Malmö 16/06-07
    terri stockholm 18/08-07
    Nattsan Skokloster 25/08-07
    Billa Västerås 15/9 -07

    So I'm last in here! It seems to be that way everywhere in here!

    Sorry for my spelling, not used to express my self in writing! To be honest, I'm realy lousy at swedish grammar and spelling to! That's how it goes when you learn both languages at the same time! Hehehehe!

  • Billa

    catte, Where in västerås are you getting married?! We are getting married in Barkarö kyrka !

    terri, My dad is born and raised in Henley (near London)! So I got a few relatives coming over seas!

    The flight between london and västerås is canseled during november and december. I heard that they are gone fly from there in the beginning of next year! It´s so typical, we are going on a weekend trip to england between 7-10th of december! So we are flying from skavsta!

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    I will buy my H2B a present, I don't know what yet, but I'll figure it out!

    I have found my dress now!!! I'm so happy! I haven't order it yet, but I will this week!! :)

    I'm thinking about british wedding traditions, my grandmother loves traditions, and shr might expect some british traditions too! Have you got some ideas for me?!

  • Billa

    future mrs B, that was a great idea! With the engraving!
    Wonder if it is possible to do the same thing with a whiskey glass?!

  • Billa

    future mrs B, Thank you so mush for that idea! That's what he is going to get! An engraved whiskey glass!

    terri, that was a good idea! I think my dad would appreciate it too!

  • Billa

    My gingerbread house is done now!! Is not a traditionel gingerbread house, I made it look like a fortress from the middle ages! With 4 towers! I've put a big "värmeljus" in the middle so it will be soooo pretty when it's dark!
    I'm going to do santa and santas wife some day this week!

  • Billa

    4:e Maj, I draw a pattern on paper first. I allways make my own dow! This time I read the recepie kind of strange, som I doubbled the amount of spices! But it got even tastier then!!

    I'm going to take a picture of it when my H2B comes home, he has hiden the camera! Maby I could get a picture so you can se it!

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