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    Äldre 26 Feb 09:18
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    Just noticed that the other thread has been closed... Great...

    Hope you all find the way to this one!

    The old thread:

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  • tree
    Äldre 26 Feb 10:07


  • tree
    Äldre 26 Feb 10:28

    puffar lite så att alla kan hitta hit!

  • NuÄrDe­tDags (snart Mrs. 170307­)
    Äldre 26 Feb 11:42

    ... and I push it, too.

    Guess what just arrived...: The "Just married" shirts! Morning gift no. 1 sorted!

  • tree
    Äldre 26 Feb 13:29

    oh cool with eht t-shirts! i'm thinking abotu gettign a 'just married ' bikina for our honeymoon!! littel bit sad really but i think it's cool too!

    we posted out invites on friday monring!... the last 3 went in the afternoon after i got the last minute adresses... but then i relaised i was 1 stamp short so went to buy one and discovred the eurpoe price had gone up 1 kr!... we had already sent out all the others at the old 10kr price! we bought the stamps online on tuesday and it said nothing there about them not being valid... but the lady in the postoffice said that they will probably all come back return to sender!! NNNOOO.....

    just read a wonderful review about ulfsunda slott. a BT tjej had written about her wedding there last year! feels great to read something so great about where our's will be...

  • NuÄrDe­tDags (snart Mrs. 170307­)
    Äldre 26 Feb 19:02

    Why is it sad with the bikini? I think it is a great idea! I was actually thinking of the same, but with "On honeymoon" printed on my bum.
    But as we don't go directly after the wedding I still have time to think about that.

    How annoying is that with your invitations?! I keep my fingers crossed, they still go through!!

    Yes, I would also like to read more about weddings in our chapel but I think people around here either get married somewhere else or they don't tell. Well, we might just be the first ones then (I can't keep my mouth shut anyway). We were there a couple of days ago and checked dimensions, where what is and practiced marching out.

    Our cake topper is, by the way, being designed as a troll couple (as I collect troll figurines) with our clothes and white gold rings - am sooo excited about how it will look!!

  • Hanban
    Äldre 26 Feb 19:15

    Hej all

    Found the new thread....
    Hope you are all well.
    We are slowly ticking things off the "to do" list....booked honeymoon the other night and also ordered our bridesmaids dresses, feels good! How are everyone elses plans coming long?

  • 4:e Maj
    Äldre 26 Feb 19:18

    Hello everyone!

    Terri - Sorry to read about the postage issue. Don't want to worry you too much but return to sender can take weeks (no expert on the Swedish postal system by the way). Perhaps best phoning a couple of people over the next few days to see if they've received anything.

    We posted ours last Friday and have so far only had 1 RSVP, a bit poor I think but then I'm the bride. Guess it's a bit naive thinking people were going to ring and say how beacutiful they were...

    Two people have bought gifts from our list which is exciting (I get an e-mail each time it happend, great when you are bored at work).

    Was going to come home this weekend to finalise the house purchase but there where a few issued with the survey done this afternoon so mum is going to insist on the price being dropped. I'll keep you updated.

  • NuÄrDe­tDags (snart Mrs. 170307­)
    Äldre 26 Feb 22:02

    Oh, cool, more people have found the way back!!

    Hanban: Here we are ticking off things too but (hopefully) nothing major anymore (not enough time to have major issues ). So far everything is going fine (I think).

    4:e Maj: I have to say I have more faith in the Swedish post than in the English. Gee, have never experienced something that slow.... I do actually think the English invented 'snail mail'.
    We had the first RSVP after about one month (ok, my grand parents called the same day they got it but then...), so I don't think you need to be worried...

    We didn't want presents but unfortunately we have heard some birds telling us there will be some - maybe we should have had a list that we could follow the toasters on their way (just kidding ).

    Oh, what happened with the house?

  • jojo02
    Äldre 26 Feb 22:15

    Hello all.

    I was so happy to see this thread. I need help to compose our invitations in English.
    Have lived in the UK for 10 years (back in Sweden now) but have never been to a wedding and have no idea what to write. Don't like the suggestions I've found here. Want to keep it light and casual just as we have on our Swedish invitations.
    Would something like this work:?

    Guest name & guest name

    We would be delighted if you wanted to join us in the celebrations of our wedding day and our thirties birthdays.

    We will get married in xxx church on Saturday xxx aug at 15.30

    After the ceremony you are welcome to celebrate with us with food and dancing.

    What do you think, would this work???

  • jojo02
    Äldre 26 Feb 22:17

    My question mark, turned in to weird little guy..........

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