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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • future mrs B

    we did find a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms, that would have been good. hmmm well have to see what happens... feels like its too much money to say no to, since it can give us a really good start...

  • NuÄrDetDags

    future mrs B: It definitely is a good offer and of course, as long as all people involved agree and everyone is fine with the arrangement, go for it! If you have lived with her before and don't mind sharing the space again then it surely is worth thinking about it.

  • Nattson

    future mrs B, as NuÄrDetDags says it´s worth thinking about!
    Yesterday my h2b got coold feet... He wanted to go over the everything about the wedding, the food, the place where we are going to have the party and so on. He´s become so nervous this past week... He says it´s because we don´t know how much we will get for the flat we are selling. So we came up with a back up plan... To have the party in our garden! It is something we want to avoid if we can, but at least we have a plan B. I don´t think we will have to use it, but it makes him a bit more calm.

    I´m going to book the flight to London today! :) It´s going to be so exiting trying on different dresses and so on. Terri, have you brought your dress? I can´t remember what you said in Augusti 07.
    future mrs B and NuÄrDetDags, have you started to look at dresses?

  • tree

    wow, sounds like you had a busy evening last night!
    yes, i bought my dress already! in fact it's hanging up at home calling me to try it on all the time!... i'm doing very well to resist!

  • tree

    good luck with the dress hunting!
    tip: i think the dresses are more expensive in london than they r in sweden... so when you find your dream dress you should call stockists in sweden for prices too!

  • NuÄrDetDags

    Nattson: I bet it is only a "short rash" of cold feet. After all you have a lot of changes coming up and (probably) big financial pressure. I think it is always good to have Plan B, even if it is just to know it is there.

    I got my dress from 1koo.com a couple of days ago. Wrote about it here: www.brollopstorget.se/Forum-1-8/m1968016.html
    Regarding the dress I am also starting getting cold feet now: what if my h2b doesn't like it?! He would rather shoot himself than seeing it before the wedding...

  • tree

    we booked the band for our wedding last night! that feels really good. now all the big bookings have been done... although now we r considering if we can afford a fotographer to take pictures during the ceremony... we have some talented friends who want to take our pictures so they will tkae our getting ready ones and the portrait ones... but it feels too much to let them take the onese during the ceremony... hhmm... more money!

    although, my mum checked out the prices for the bridesmaid dresses we want and found them in the usa for 1/4 the price they have them here! so that saves us a bit of money!...

  • tree

    the thing with men... they have never seen us wear such a beautiful dress...so they will be thrilled... my m2b came in to a wedding store one day (i wasn't trying on) and he was amazed at how beautiful the dresses were... i'm sure your m2b will feel the same... whatever you wear he will think you look like a queen... it is only us brides who care so much about it i think!

    but i know what you mean. i felt very nervous buying my dress without asking m2b opinion. we laways discuss everything and it feels like i have a big secret... and itäs important... it's tough... but i think we will all appreciate it in the end... when he smiles with surpise when he firsts us, and us when we see his face!

  • tree

    thank you! i think it's amazing! there is another site with close up pictures, but i can't find it... and my computer has a problem so my favourites are all gone!

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