• tree

    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • NuÄrDetDags

    Good morning!

    A secret box are a couple of erotic but not pornografic pictures, if you understand what I mean.

    Like nice, tasteful pictures in e.g. underwear.

  • tree

    aha! that's something different! is that real swedish tradition then? do mnay people do that?... what a scary thought to pose for pictures in yoru underwear looking sexy!

  • tree

    although we haven't budgeted for a profressional photographer i just sent some mails away asking about the cost to take pictures during the vigsel... but not portrait shots... mm... we have freinds who have offered to take all the photos... but during the vigsel that'd mean they coudlnät watch properly and what if they didnät come out so well... itäs a lot of pressure on them... so we discussed last night (m2b and me) that maybe it's worth getting a proffessional to take pics during the vigesl and maybe the mingle afterwards... we'll see..

  • NuÄrDetDags

    Don't know if it is Swedish... Bet it comes from America. Wouldn't it otherwise be a "hemlig låda"...
    I have been thinking of a Secret Box, also talked about it with our wedding photographer. She would do it but I don't think I will find neither time nor money before the wedding. Maybe as next year's christmas present... 8)

    We will have a professional photographer for portrait pictures after the wedding. During the ceremony (actually before and afterwards too) there will be a "half professional" photographer...

    She will work for free as we agreed on that if everything goes well she can use our pictures for her presentation folder...

    We found her here: www.fotosidan.se/

  • tree

    i guess you must be right about it being american!

    a free photographer... what is her name... how do i find her on this site?

  • future mrs B

    hemlig lada-ha ha sounds so funny!!!

    sooo tired today, all this planning + Christmas is taking all my energy. Went dress hunting yesterday, put 3 dresses to the side and have to call the other branch in Canterbury to see if they have the last one I need, pray to God they do!!!

  • tree

    future mrs B

    how did you enjoy the dress shopping? any pictures for us see... webpages?

  • NuÄrDetDags

    terri: Will look for her name when I have access to the other computer. On the fotosida you can put an ad for free. I put one on that said that we are getting married, where and when, and that we are looking for a photographer. I think we got about 10 replies. If you do the same you will probably get more answers as there are not so many people around Karlstad as there are around Stockholm.

    future mrs B: I can imagine. Have to prepare an adventskalender for my h2b today (yes, I like doing things 'last minute') - and I don't know where to steal the time from...

  • future mrs B

    well, I've decided to do this my way, feel that I have too much pressure from certain people...so I didnt enjoy it as much as I would have liked

    sorry no picture at the mo. it sounds so cheap but I found THE BRIDESMAIDS DRESS at matalan. its exactly the colour,style and lenght i want. and to price is just perfect £20. know it sounds awful, but they are really nice!


    click on browse on line-its the frontpage the black one in middle-but burgundy off course...

  • Miss Em

    Hia everyone,

    This is maybe not the thread for me as I am already married (to a Scott). We had a swenglish wedding in Sweden this summer and we normally live in Edinburgh.

    As we have already been through all the arguments (with eachother) as to weather a wedding cake should be fruit or not, how to go in to the church, songs during the dinner, hymns to suit everyone, how wedding photos are taken and if snaps is legitimate drink with the starter instead of wine etc etc
    .......so thought that I could maybe still be of some use.

    Ours wedding worked out magical in the end and the mix of the cultures worked fantastic.But it was a long road to get there

    Two so similar countries with so different traditions *phew*.

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