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    Äldre 24 Nov 09:10
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    Engelska bruda?

    Are there any other english brides to be out there planning their wedding to swedish men?

    I'd love to hear from you!

    Where are you living and what is the magical date?

    Stockholm, 18th August 07 for us!

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  • tree
    Äldre 29 Nov 19:28

    wow! thast quite a romantic start you had! and such faith from your m2b... lovely!

    m2b and i met when we were studying in switzerland, living in france... we left 6 months after we got togetehr... i went back to wales to write my thesis and he back to his old apartment in Lund...we visited eachother every 3 weeks over the summer and then took a chance and moved to london togther when i got a job!... stayed there 2.5 years. he always said he wanted to go back to sweden, and i never missed england when i was away in geneva for more than 2 years so i agreed to the plan... i got a job here last may so we moved!... i love it here.

    the mountains i was referring to was in the landskape north of you, in dalarna... i was in Mora a few weeks ago and heard there are some small mountians very nearby... and then of course a litte further and there is a big selection of ski reosrts... not quite the alps... we plan to go up this year since we can't afford the alps because of the wedding...

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 29 Nov 19:44

    Yes, we also call it 'romantic' - my friends first called it 'crazy'. :D But they have got used to it. We stay in contact. We have a superb telephone provider here (Devicom). I think we pay 17 öre or sth for calls to England or Germany so it is ok. I don't miss it. In fact, I never felt so well in my whole life. :D

    Yes, I know the "we can't afford it because of the wedding" thing. :) That's just the way it is... But it is not that we are starving or something we just have to cut back bigger expenses like going to England again on Christmas.

    I think, I miss England more than my h2b. :D Even before him I went there twice or three times per year - now he says "that is boring, can't we go somewhere else?". :D

  • tree
    Äldre 29 Nov 19:49

    well perhpas it was a bit crazy too!... but i think a person knows when they really find that special person... it gives you courage to take the leap! it's really super that you feel so great! and nice that you say it! it's not often poeple say things like that! especially swedes!

  • tree
    Äldre 29 Nov 19:50

    m2b will be home soon... he's working late this week... but on friday we will go out for a romantic dinner to a fancy restaurant... my work colleaugues gave us a voucher for 1000kr as an engagement present! how wonderful!

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 29 Nov 19:58

    Yes, that might be true - it is probably my German influence that make me say what I feel. :D No, that is actually not possible, that would also be paradox.

    We have a funny story, even before we met I knew it is going to be him. As a kid I told my mum I would once get married to an English or Irish guy with "Mc" in his name and he would owe a castle (must have read soemthing like that). Well, years passed by, also men did and my mum kept saying (actually until last year) "You can't wait for that English bloke with his castle to come, see that you find someone nice before it is too late" (with to late she means grandkids). I used to laugh and say "I know he will come my way".

    Imagine my surprise as I, after I already fell in love, got to know his last name, McM*! And as I told him about this "dream" he got quite for a moment and said "hm, I am half English and half Irish, my name starts with Mc but I don't have a castle.... On the other hand, i almost grew up in a pub called 'The Castle'..."

    I mean, was it meant to be or not?! :D

  • NuÄrDe­tDags
    Äldre 29 Nov 19:59

    Oh, I wish I had work colleagues (that's the downside of being a freelancer)! Bet you two have a lovely evening!

  • Susann­e, Lund
    Äldre 29 Nov 22:14

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  • Nattso­n
    Äldre 30 Nov 09:41

    He he nice stories both Terri and NuÄrDetDags!!

    Terri, I would love to meet up for a fika!! Anytime!!

  • tree
    Äldre 30 Nov 09:55

    morning everybody!

    hope u all slept well! i'm working from home today so i got an extra hour in bed which felt great!...although it feel like i have a slight cold coming! oh dear

    we should try to arrange a time then!

  • tree
    Äldre 30 Nov 10:37

    i've seen several refernces to a brides 'secret box'.... what is it?!

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