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Q: what is your name?
A.C: ??(Cao Yang), but You can call me Anna to make it easy.

Q: how old are you?
A.C: Hmm, I'm not sure if I should tell you the truth, but I'm always 18! Inside and outside.

Q: how would you describe yourself?
A.C: I'm like a child, curious, playful, creative, wanting to discover whatever sounds fun! Ah, I'm a hobby cook too, I love eating, I have to learn this skill to satisfy myself.

Q: how would you usually start to work with your client?
A.C: I don't like calling them "client", I perfer to call them my friends, not the new made ones, but old friends that we didn't see each other a life time.
I would meet them first at "fika", drinking coffee, hearing their story, while enjoying every piece of cookies. Then we work together to make their dreams come true, in photos!

Q: what is your working pattern?
A.C: Well, when I'm in working mode, I look serious, rarely speak, I put myself everywhere(I can end up on the rooftop if it's needed). I rarely give them order, ask them to pose. All they need is being themselves, enjoying their big day care-free.

Q: how far can you travel to take request?
A.C: As far as the transportation can support. Oh yeah, it would be nice if someone from Mars would like to hire me. :P

Q: ahh, I'm out of questions, just say something about yourself!
A.C: Haha, I don't know, I am full of stories, I can tell you entire day non stop, make you laugh until you say "stop now, my stomach hurts"

Check my work at : www.anncaophoto.com/


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