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    Engelska bruda?

    watch movies with swedish subtitles, they are really good!

    i guess if there is no plan to move to sweden, then it will be hard for him to motivate himself... but i guess when (if) you have children he might feel the need to learn so that you and the children don't have a secret language!

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    i'm sure you'll have no probelm getting a job, especially with a phd! i also have a phd and it's really valued! my m2b worked abroad of course, in switzerland after his masters ex-jobb and then in london, adn i think employers found him more interesting for him. he got work after only 6 weeks here. i got my job before we left the uk but he camse without anything...

    as a doctor it'll be ok for him but he needs to do the proficiency exam to get the lisence i think. that is level C1 in the european standards test. i did level B2 in the winter term (after being here 1 year) and should have started teh C1 course in the autumn now but i was too busy. but it doesn't take so long once you already have the basics i think.

    i speak in swedish with the nurses at work becasue they are generally older and donät like to speak english, but i speak english and some swedish with other physicists and doctors

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    as a trainee though, doctors can come for an exchange for a semester... i know becasue i teach them in english! perhaps that would be a good opportunity for your m2b to learn swedish and make some contacts in sweden! and he could take a language course for medics too...

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    4:e Maj
    perhpas you need to explain to your man about the secret language weapon!

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    anyway girls, itäs been lovely chatating with you... all day... but i guess i shoudl go and be ncie to my m2b! chat again soon i hope!

    it'd be nice to discuss more wedding details next time too!

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    and if you hadn't noticed... i type really bad when i am tired!

    and this stupid 'ä' is in the place where i want the ' symbol... you'd think after 1,5 years my fingers wouldv'e learn that by now!

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    so you are not english? is your m2b english then?

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    I hope you are feeling better after some sleep!
    i also miss the pub culture, the spontaneity of it! my m2b does too!
    and i know exactly what you mean about others speaking english. i used to frustrate me in the beginning when i tried to speak in english and then swedes replied in english... now they don't though! it took a while for people to understand i might be able to make it!

    and i'm still the only english bride! i can't be the only one!

    welcome to our conversation! as you can see, you are not the only bride from västerås here!

    isn't the ryanair london-västerås flight being cancelled next year? i thought ryanair were pulling out of västerås because of the environmental tax... or?!

    when are you getting married... perhpas you can add to our list!

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    isn't that just typical!

    i was just just browsing this website for wedding reception stuff... it's great!

    i might have to place an order before i go to the states so i can see it all at xmas! i made alist worth $200! but there is alot on the list so i think it't a pretty good deal!

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