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    Engelska bruda?

    i understand!

    you can reach me on brud1808@yahoo.se
    woulnd't it be funny if you knew eachother. i guess you went to the same school so it is likely!

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    seems i am the only 100% british bride here! and i donät know nay english poeple ehre in stockholm either! thast quite funny because I am told that there are many!... perhpas they are all only men!

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    4:e Maj
    i love it here!

    The standard of living is alot higher. as a worker, we have much better conditions here in sweden too which is great.

    i like swedish poeple very much. i really like the way swedish poeple take care of their surroundings and have a little more respect for eachother, and are less competative that british people. although, sometimes i miss the openess of english people. i think we brits are more likely to say how we feel and what we think.

    i cannot imagine going back to live in england. it is so wet and horrid and you have to put up with so much s**t! crappy landlords, mould, rain, late working without overtime, denied long holidays!... need i continue?!... but oh i miss the beer... a pint of London pride would go down lovely!

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    how do you b2b enjoy living in england? why would you/not consider staying there?

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    The English Shop i söderhallen... perfect for decaf tea, haywards silverskin pickled onions and english sausages! mmm...

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    sorry 4:e Maj ... just saw yoru questions...

    i work as a hospital physicist. i got the job before we moved here. i think my employers were convinced of my interest in working here becasue i had a swedish boyfriend and i explained that we had been together for several years. i even stated that reason to come in my application letter! i think that seemed to take away any doubts they may have had.

    it is hard to learn swedish, but now it goes fine... you can see all the other chat threads... my grammar is pretty rubbish, but then i haven't taken a course since the spring so i have picked up some bad habits... i took a basic course at UCL before i came here and then i have taken 3 more courses, skipping 1 or 2 along the way. working with swedish poeple really helps...as does chatting here in swedish and meeting other brides for fika!... (but i felt that an english thread was needed too! hehe )

    we lived together in london for 2.5 years before we came to sweden (after we had met while studying in switzerland). it was certainly easier then for my m2b to go to england since he already ahd the langugae and i could only say Hej... i couldn't even say his name properly then! haha

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    ooohh... yuk!

    that stuff contaminates everything esle in the goody bag! me and m2b have to ahve seperate bags!! hahaha

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    no probs!
    my dad will walk me down the 'isle' rather than going with m2b and i will arrive last with my dad in a rolls royce!

    i think we will have round tables at the dinner rather than this big E or C shaped tables...

    we will be open to more speeches a la suede! (rather than just groom, dad and bestman)

    i will have a veil... already bought with dress!... but havenöt decided if i will cover my face as tradition yet... hhmm...

    not sure what other 'english' traditions there are?... have i forgotten something?!

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