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    Äldre 1 Dec 14:37
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    Engelska bruda?

    had enough working on the website for now... might start looking into the wedding invitation text... we will some in english and some in swedish... have u all decided your yet?

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    Äldre 1 Dec 14:59

    my mum is making our invitations for us, i'm an just deciding the text...

    the slott where we will get married and have the reception will mak the cake for us.

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    Äldre 1 Dec 15:21

    so, here is something i came up with the help of some googling!...


    Two lives, two hearts joined together in friendship united forever in love. It is with joy that we,
    Terri ****** and Olof *******
    invite you to share in a celebration of love
    as we exchange our marriage vows on
    Saturday, 18th August 2007
    at 15:30 and thereafter for the reception.
    Ulfsunda Slott, Stockholm

    RSVP no later than 4th May 2007(????
    Please RSVP using this PIN number on our website

    or by calling ******** on ****

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    Äldre 1 Dec 15:30

    clean and simple i like!

    that's funny that we have selected the same text!i found it online and thought it was lovely!

    Two lives, two hearts joined together in friendship united forever in love.

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    Äldre 1 Dec 15:32

    i guess thats quick and simple... and directly under our destination! apparently they have a new type of chicken meal which is worth trying out! lets meet there then, 17:30 at the entrance holding a wedding magazine?

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    Äldre 1 Dec 15:43

    you have to tell us if it was good!

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    Äldre 1 Dec 16:09

    future mrs B
    have a great time collecting your dress... i was on cloud 9 when i picked mine up... i walked out with the hugest grin on my face! enjoy it!

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    Äldre 1 Dec 17:42

    we r struggling with the swedish... m2b thinks it looks so corny! what did u write?

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    Äldre 3 Dec 15:31

    most definately go to Princessa in Södertälje... they have a huge number of dresses including ones by Maggie Sottero and Bonny that are nowhere else in stockholm. and the ladies there are so nice and give you all of their attention. you feel very special there! they also sell the some of dresses from the rack at discount prices so be sure to ask if you find one there that fits!

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    Äldre 3 Dec 15:32

    we took a drive this afternoon and stopped by some visnings of villas/rådhus which was quite exciting! we donät plan to buy till after the wedding and everything but there was one that was so very tempting! hehe

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