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    Engelska bruda?

    Yes, making friends... That is our main problem since we moved to Sweden (and actually the main reason for moving somewhere else). We really miss going out for a dinner with nice people, having a laugh and stuff like that (especially my h2b who cries for the pub culture ;)). We stay in contact with all our friends via telephone and emails but of course it is not the same... We made the decision to move to a smaller village on purpose (it was a cheap way to find out if everything works out) but now ? as we know it does - I am really looking forward to move to somewhere with more "movement" after the wedding. As we are both working from home it is not as if we get to know new people in real. The butcher is nice, though.

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    Oh, terri, that is nice to hear!
    Yes, we are thinking of either Gothenburg or Stockholm area: nice, big cities with some action and airports but we have banned all these thoughts until after the wedding. The next 3 months (3 months and 1 day!) will be busy, which is good.

    On christmas/new year friends from Germany are coming and I have invited a secret guest from England to my h2bs birthday in January (it is so exciting, he has no clue that his best mate he misses sooo much will be here in about 3 weeks :D).

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    4:e Maj: I have only showed the pictures to my best friend (who is also the maid of honour), well, and here. My mum has seen the picture from the online store but not the real dress.

    I also want to keep it secret. After all my h2b refuses to see it so it would be strange if everyone else knew what it looks like.

    future mrs B: Poor you! I hope things will calm down until christmas! Christmas is there to relax and enjoy not to have to bother about water leaks! So to you too: HA EN TREVLIG JUL OCH ETT GOTT NYTT ÅR!

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    24 degrees?! I can see -24 degrees coming... :D

    I wish you nice and relaxed christmas days and if we don't read eachother again this year, a happy, healthy and successful new year!!

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    Before I leave BT (well, more or less) to throw myself into the final Christmas preparations I'd like to wish all you Swenglish couples (or English couples in Sweden ;)) a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and of course a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!

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    4:e Maj: I still haven't got more than the ideas I wrote about earlier in this thread. And they are only in my head so far.

    As I see it, it will take ages to start with it properly. At the moment we try to decide about the at least 3 - if not 4 - songs we want to have for the ceremony. In about three days we have found one...

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    Hehe, Pumpalot, I see you found this thread all by yourself (was just going to put a link in the other thread).

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    To everyone: Happy New Year!!

    terri: Welcome home to rainy Sweden! It's a pity you are not in America anymore - found an 'alternative wedding dress' (you know, my uncertainty about mine not being traditional enough), but they only deliver within the States! Stupid people.

    Pumpalot: Vi skrev så här, det kanske är något du kan använda:
    First of all: If you are thinking about a wedding present, just everyone being there is enough for us! We appreciate that travelling and staying in Sweden may be expensive. If you feel that you would still like to offer a gift, why not make a small contribution towards the honeymoon? [...] At Sundsta Mansion there will be a treasure chest for cards and wishes.

    Switzerland: Hm, "between Stockholm and Göteborg" and for "summer or winter" - that should be possible. Are you looking for a restaurant type of thing or do you want something where you can have your own food (catering) and take your own drinks? And are you planning to get married in a church (so that the church should be nearby) or do you want a registrar to come to where you want to celebrate?

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    Hey, where have you all gone?! Ok, I myself have been a bit busy the last weeks so I have only made short stops here at BT. My birthday surprise for my m2b (I flew in his best mate from England without his knowledge) was an extraordinary success!! He looked so stupid as he opened the door... it's a pity I didn't take a picture!

    I have decided I have to take up the planning again as it is only 2 months left? My mum told me, SHE is getting nervous ? and she only has to pick a dress for herself - what am I supposed to say!? Well, next step is tomorrow: Stockholm we come!!! Tomorrow we have to go to the embassy to sort my m2b's papers for the hindersprövning (he has to swear on the bible or something, only God knows, probably, what that is good for but well).

    So, what are you all up to?

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    You have booked your honeymoon?! We don't even know where and when yet!

    Sounds like a perfect vigselförrättare, our has agreed on holding everything in English, and also accepts songs and poems but I don't think (hope) he wants to sing them himself. We have so far only decided on the marching-in song (what ever that is called): The council of Elrond, the first 2 something minutes.

    The guest list can be a pain in the bum but we made it quite quickly as we were pretty sure about who to invite and who not from the beginning...

    The website looks great!! Who gave you that tip?

    By the way, is anyone up for a swenglish meeting in Stockholm tomorrow? We haven't planned the evening yet but we will definitely stay over night so it would be a perfect opportunity... On the other hand, maybe I should ask my m2b first...

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