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    Engelska bruda?

    Here it is the other way round, too - I am Swedish, he is English (with a fancy Lancashire accent ).

    We are getting married in Karlstad, 17th March 2007.
    We moved (in my case back) to Sweden in May this year so yes, we will stay here after the wedding.

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    Our ceremony will only be in English. Well, maybe some Swedish words at the beginning to also say 'welcome' in Swedish...

    My m2b doesn't speak Swedish so I'd find it strange having things said in Swedish when we are getting married. We will have e.g. our vows translated into Swedish in the program.

    No, St. Patrick's Day is not a coincidence. We met the first time "in real" (got to know eachother in a chat on the Internet) on St. Patrick's Day in London so it just seemed as the perfect day as it is on a Saturday next year.

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    Terri: my h2b loves Sweden; he is still amazed about the amount of trees. The only thing he misses every now and then is the English pub culture. We are living in a quite small town so here are not many pubs to go to (actually, here is only one restaurant).
    And I don't think he will ever learn Swedish. At the beginning he was really motivated but he soon figured out that every time he switches on the TV it is in English, he only has English customers, so English is his daily language anyway, every where we come people want to practise their English ? even if we go to the post office they approach him in English.

    He picks up more and more Swedish words though ("isn't that Swedish word this in English") but sometimes it goes wrong. Like as he saw a headline on a newspaper: "Sex offer" in Swedish is not what it is in English.

    Well, I will try to go to bed again. Took a pain killer before I went to bed and now I woke up with a head ache again... :-/

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    Thanks, terri, my head feels a bit better. Sleep often is the best cure for everything. Though it is not always easy when you have a snoring h2b on your left side, prefering to sleep with at least one leg on you.

    Talking about flights to England: isn't it unbelievable that you now have to pay extra for the lugage you check in (ok, 'now' is since about 6 months or so)?!

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    Just came to think of another thing: christmas. My h2b has tried Julmust for the first time. He says it tastes like a mixture between flat Coca Cola and root beer. He likes Glögg, though, and he has also tried Pepparkakor.
    Tonight we are going to do Lussekatter. We'll see how that goes.

    Is there anything special you English guys (or your English partners) eat and drink during the advent season? Admittedly, I don't always trust my partner in these things because he often tries to wind me up... Is it for example true, that in England people don't have advent? I mean, that you don't lit a candle every advent Sunday?

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    Other plans for the weekend are working and cleaning the house.

    Tomorrow evening we have my parents here for a bit of chit-chat and cosy Glögg drinking. So I will put up the christmas curtains and some stuff tomorrow.

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    Yes, we start a bit earlier with the decoration this year because there are a lot of things coming up in December and we wanted to have a nice "christmas is here" evening with my parents.

    You put up the tree next weekend? Hm, I won't go that far. The tree and Santa Claus won't come up before the 22nd or so. Promised my h2b to only put up some curtains and candles now.

    Ok, so he didn't wind me up this time (with advent). Some things and traditions just sound so strange to me, I have to ask for a second opinion before I make myself a fool.

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    Hej girls,
    No Christmas shopping done this weekend but I did some cleaning and a couple of candles and candle holders found their places.
    Ah, and my h2b tried my fresh made Lussekatter for the first time ? he liked them but he won't become a fan of Knäck.

    He has told me about another English tradition I'd need to check with you first. Not we (bride + groom) are dancing the first dance but our parents (my mum + his dad, my dad + his mum, in our case my h2b's sister). Is that true? Not that I would mind, I like the idea anyway, but it would be nice to know if it really is an English tradition...
    My dad is going to walk with me down the isle, too. This is very important for my h2b - it is strange, he is not a very traditional or conservative person but some things regarding the wedding just have to be a certain (traditional) way. :D

    Morning gift: He will get one gift directly before the wedding: cuff links with the families' coat of arms engraved. He knows we have ordered some for his dad, he doesn't know yet that he will get the same. For the morning after D-day I am thinking about two tickets to a Liverpool football match (I know, not the most romantic idea but I can promise he would appreciate it), or a Secret Box. I also liked the idea with an engraved compass in another thread... Another idea would be a puppy. He has "asked for" a new dog since his last died but the circumstances haven't been ideal. Now it would be ok, but if as a morning gift it would rather be a gift voucher first ? for a puppy when we come back from honeymoon.

    What we also will have (which he doesn't know) is "Just married" t-shirts. But that's not really a morning gift as I will have one too. I also thought of the idea having shorts printed with "Property of [me]".

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    terri: He explained it is a symbol of two families 'becoming one' - but there is a big chance he's pulling my leg again...

    Ah, yes, I also thought of a 'welcome' sign for the door. The one we have now is ugly but it doesn't make a lot of sense to replace it as our name (well, my name) will change in March...

    I would love to go on with our festprogram but not a chance at the moment (too much work, yes, what am I doing here?!). The ideas we have so far is:
    * welcome and thank you
    * guest presentation and seating arrangement
    * menue
    * lyrics of our song
    * some differences between Swedish and English people
    * our horoscope (my h2b is a big fan of horoscopes, though he doesn't believe in them, he just likes reading them :D)
    * what the emergency boxes in the rest rooms contain and phone numbers to the nearest hospital and taxi companies
    * some funny wedding related comics and/or jokes and/or sayings

    Ok, I really have to get back to work now. Can hear the deadline banging on my door...

  • NuÄrDetDags

    Yep, we get it from the Ambassy in Gothenburg. My h2b phoned them and it didn't sound too complicated. Will probably go there in January. With that paper we then apply for the Swedish hindersprövning.

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