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    Engelska bruda?

    With both Sweden and UK being in the EU, does it matter what citizenship you have? I want to stay swedish and my h2b english. What advantages are there in being a citizen of the country you live in, apart from the right to vote for example? If we have children they could have both, right?

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    Äldre 24 Nov 20:34

    Hi, everyone!
    Like most girls here, I'm Swedish and my H2b English. We're getting married next july in Sweden (blekinge). We live in the UK now, but might move to Sweden in a few years time.
    Terri: I saw you in another discussion just a second ago. Your swedish is really good!!!! Where in England are you from?
    I agree that the standard of living is higher in Sweden, but getting a job, especially as a scientist, is very difficult. And when you are unemployed, life's quite bad in both countries.

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    Äldre 24 Nov 20:50

    I'm a molecular biologist. I'm doing a phD now, in Leicester. Still in the lab, doing a late experiment. And what's better to do while waiting for the centrifuge than to visit brollopstorget!
    I hope the fact that I've been abroad could help me find a job in Sweden, because I really want to move back some day.I taught my fiance swedish, so I hope he can find a job too. He's a final year medic, and to be a doctor in sweden he has to be completely fluent. Are you able to speak english at work?

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    Äldre 24 Nov 20:59

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    Speak swedish at home. That's how we did it. It's hard in the beginning, 'cause you have to talk about really simple stuff. We also bought a book: "Swedish for beginners, and went through that. It takes time to teach someone a language, though. Patience...

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    Äldre 24 Nov 21:20

    Terri: Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm a typically negative swede. My fiance's done his elective in Sweden. He lived with my parents for two moths and learnt swedish that way as well. Apparently, if you're from the UK, you don't have take any exams, as long as you speak the language. I actually think it'll be easier for him to get a job than me.
    Completely OT: I just handed in a manuscript to my supervisor and he said: "It's really good. Have you copied it from somewhere else or have you written it yourself?" That just shows how highly he thinks of me...
    Finally my experiment is finished, so I'm heading off.
    Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

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