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Workplace productivity is one of the main reasons why managers and employers often lose sleep at night. While workplace initiatives and pulse check sessions are all well and good, one has to ask, how often is employee engagement taken into account?


Quite rarely as can be seen by this Dale Carnegie study which showed that a shocking number of non-management employees are often left disengaged. Consequently, these disengaged employees often suffered from both high-turnover and low levels of productivity.


With that in mind, we take a look at some interesting management practices that can help boost workplace productivity and employee engagement.


1. Ensure that economic rewards benefit lower level staff


All too often, members of senior management have a tendency to overlook the contributions of lower rank staff members. Consequently, this causes disillusionment and frustration which leads to lower rates of productivity and higher turnover.


While some may argue that financial benefits should be reserved for more senior staff members, one would do well to remember that frontline staff are often the backbone of many operations. 


Ensuring that staff are fairly compensated based on their contributions and the organization’s financial performance, will go a long way towards improving productivity. Fairly treated employees are both more productivity and less likely to move on to another job.


2. Respect your employee’s time


Time is a precious commodity and there’s never enough of it to go around. Managers unfortunately tend to overlook this and take it for granted that their employees are available 24/7.


In some organizations such as those in Japan, leaving before the boss is done is tantamount to high treason. Consequently, employees often spend unreasonable amounts of time at the office pretending to get work done, all in an effort to impress the boss.


Working in such a manner is highly unproductive and tends to slow down the pace of work. Managers and leaders should instead push employees to make the most of their time at the office while ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently.


As was demonstrated by Microsoft Japan, long working hours do not necessarily equate to improved productivity. 


3. Invest in training




If you think that training only applies to sports athletes, like the top athletes trying to become NBA MVPs 2020, you are wrong. Trainings are essential for any kind of job and keeps the motivation high.


Employees are more often than not motivated by their own personal reasons. Whether they’re working for money or to advance their careers, understanding your employees motivates are critical for success.


Besides motivating employees financially, providing ample opportunities for training and development is another way of improving productivity. Additional training allows the organization to develop a team of highly-motivated and skilled individuals who are able to take on a variety of tasks.


On the long-term, this secures a pipeline of talent to ensure smooth succession and minimal disruption to business operations.


4. Setting an example of the team


Besides acting as leaders, managers also have a responsibility to act in accordance with the organization’s core values and principles. Team members can be either inspired or demoralized by their leader’s behavior.


A manager who stands up for his/her team and acts with integrity will serve as an inspiration for the rest. Meanwhile, unethical behavior such as backstabbing, or favoritism is a quick way to lose all credibility. While it may seem strange, your behavior as a leader can have a drastic effect on your team, for better or worse.


Instead of talking the talk, business leaders should choose to walk the walk and with time, they’ll be to forge a team who will follow them to the gates of hell and back.


The pathway to leadership is not an easy one, but with the right attitude and skills the road becomes easier. Rather than treating employees as mere resources, leaders should work together with them as part of a single forge a team who will follow them to the ends of the earth.

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