• lived in Sweden but getting married abroad

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    So,  i have lived in Sweden for four years. I moved back to the Netherlands, and now I am getting married in the Netherlands with a Dutch partner. I need a hindersprovning but Skatteverket doesn't seem to know my situation. I sent them an email, but have yet to wait for a reply. Is there anyone here who already knows what I need to do? The hindersprovning doesn't  state anything about just one of the couple having a personsnummer living abroad and wanting to get married abroad. It is really frustrating. I wanted  to call Skatteverket and I tried, but after 20 minutes and 18 eur( around 200 sek) later, the phone still had not been answered. And even if they had, I doubt anyone would know the answer.
    Does anyone here know what to do?
    To make things clear,
    Ik am a Dutch woman, I lived in Sweden from 2007 till 2010 and moved back to the Netherlands. I am getting married in the Netherlands with a Dutch partner and need a hindersprovning. How do I get one? Not from Skatteverkets website, that is one thing that's clear.

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    Hi Lillian,

    I dont know exactly your situation but i have friends and relative getting married either abroad or to foreigners and missing swedish social security number (personnummer). The only thing I know that they needed to do was to visit Skatteverket in person since you cant order any forms from their website. 

    Unfortunatly I dont think they're very good at answering e-mails

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