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    Is he lying?

    Hi everybody! I truly am in need of help and advice!

    At the moment I feel very stupid because of a thing just happened in my relationship.

    I have been with my boyfriend 1 year now and we are very in love. He shows very much love and really been acting and saying im the one in he's life.

    With hrs family is everything great to. More than great.

    Some evenings ago we sat at home, decided to give each other our phones in order to just show how much we trust each other. It was a fun thing after some beers ...

    I sat with he's phone and found a outgoing mess to a person with a name (a first name and he's jobs name)

    Like (Anna McDonald's)

    - colleague

    The message was in English and he is not speaking English with most people at he's job. Since we are in France.

    The person he send it to is a real person at his job and she's French to.

    Which is weird then why he would send it in French.

    The message said "do u have time Saturday/Sunday?

    I really wanna meet you.

    And a photo sent of him.

    There was no answer and the number was I assume wrong since when google it doesn't belong anywhere.

    I ask him and started crying.

    He said that someone must have hacked his account because he really didn't sent it.

    I if course didn't believe it. He doesn't have enemy's and it's not easy to send that. The same message was also sent from whatsapp. (And deleted)

    I know whatsapp is also not easy thing to hack.

    the way I know he love me and he got so sad and scared when I said I might leave now. Leave you.

    He was almost throwing up.

    He was ready to do anything.

    I wanna believe him but the situation makes me so confused.

    Why is trust him

    Why would he speak English to her?

    Why did he not send to a right number and get answer?

    Why I don't

    How can someone hack that and would their person really search up someone at he's work, save it in his phone and send those things?,

    It's not easy task, FBI Can maybe but...

    I'm so confused.

    My boyfriend smokes a lot of week. Since 15. He is 30.

    He has an important job so if it would effect him much he would have the job he has.

    But I'm wondering if he's forgetting things he does that doesn't mean anything.

    My boyfriend is good locking, rich enough and has a very warm heart.; never has a guy treated me better.

    But this thing makes me so scared. Feels so strange.

    What would you believe ?

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