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    Tis 11 sep 2012 20:08

    Hej Alla!

    Jag och min underbara pojkvän ska gifte us nästa sommar i Juli. Vi behöver lite hjälp av några saker från dig experten. Förlot mig för min svenska jag fortfarande studerar svenska. Hoppas det är ok om jag forsätta på engelska.

    I am so excited and I just can not stop thinking about our wedding. We are planning to get married in Göteborg,Trädgårdsföreningen, Lagerhuset. We are having a budget wedding for around 110 gests. Our wedding will be a buffe style, self catering.

    We have access to Lagerhuset at 08.00 in the morning, the day that we are getting married. We will get some help from our families and friends but I am really nervous about the day. We are basicly renting a big empty room with piled up chairs and portable tables. All the decorations and intallations should be done the same day. We might be exhausted by the time the ceremony starts.

    Do you know a company which hires all the necessary items from porslin to tablecloth and sets the tables and the chairs as well. So far I have been contacting couple of companies and they only drive to the place. If you have any ideas how to solve this preparation problem in limited time please let me know.

    Thank you in advance.

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