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    Muscle pain – Dosages | Uses | Review |

    In order to calm tense muscles , Prosoma 350 modifies the electrical impulses delivered from the nerves to the brain. Muscle discomfort, lower back pain, and sprains are just some of the musculoskeletal issues it can help.
    You can take it with or without meals, but you shouldn't change your dosage until your doctor tells you to. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking Prosoma since it might intensify the drug's effects. If you have liver disease, you should not use this drug since it might lead to digestive system failure.
    Any person under the age of 16 should not use a muscle relaxer. Heart patients should also stay away from Prosoma.
    Carisoprodol is the medicine that's in Prosoma. Schedule IV substances include it. For this reason, you should keep it in a cold, dry area.
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