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    Does Waklert help you perform better at work?

    Daytime drowsiness can be treated with Modalert 200 Tablet (narcolepsy). It increases alertness, aids in maintaining wakefulness throughout the day, and lessens the occurrence of sleepiness at inappropriate times.

    You can take a Modalert 200 Tablet with or without meals. Take this medication at the same time every day to keep a steady blood level. If you forget to take a dose, just take it as soon as you remember. Do not stop taking the medication before it has completed its entire course , even if you start to feel better before then. Stopping this drug quickly might make your symptoms worse.

    Always check with your doctor before taking this medication, since it should not be taken in place of a healthy bedtime regimen. You need to make sleep a priority every night. If you have renal, heart, or liver disease, or a history of seizures, you should talk to your doctor before using Modalert 200 Tablet (epilepsy or fits). Notify your physician if you experience any drastic shifts in mood or behavior, any signs of new or worsening depression, or any suicidal ideation.

    Modalert 200 Tablet dosing should be individualized based on several factors, including the patient's age, gender, and current and past medical conditions . The suggested dose is affected by both the route of administration and the patient's major complaint. For elucidation on the recommended dosage, read on.

    These aren't the only side effects possible from taking Modalert 200 Tablet. These negative effects from the Modalert 200 Tablet often disappear as treatment is finished. In the event that any of these symptoms persist or worsen, medical attention should be sought.

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