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    How To Choose The Best Masturbation Lube
    With all the different products out there for men to use when it comes to masturbation, what is the best masturbation lube? To answer this question you have to look at what actually goes into a good lube. The lubricant needs to be designed for the purpose of masturbation, so it doesn't matter if you're using your penis or a sex toy, you still need something that will work.
    The best lube for masturbation would have to be a water based one. It's non-slip and it also has the added bonus of being thick enough to feel like you are having real sex instead of just stroking your penis. When you put the lubricant on your sensitive areas, you want to be able to focus on your pleasure and not on whether your lubricant is going to get in your eyes or not. Because some lubricants do not have the slick qualities, they can easily get in the way if you are distracted.
    Best Masturbation Lube
    Another important factor that you need to look for is how easy it is to apply. Some people may prefer to just dip their penis in the lube, which can make a mess and leave your skin wet and slippery. On the other hand, a formula that is designed for use with your finger offers you the ability to apply it to your penis and then use your thumb to spread it around to ensure that you get the most of suds that you can.
    Sensitive Areas Another consideration is the texture. Some personal lubricants have a very waxy formula and they tend to be better suited for use on sensitive areas like the head of your penis or your testicles. On the other hand, a thinner formula is far more likely to work well on your shaft and you can spread it around to reach all of the sensitive places without a problem. In fact, the thicker formulas can even help decrease sensitivity in some men as well, so take this into consideration when trying to decide which one is the best used for you.
    Ease Of Application The easiest method of getting a lube that works well for you is to simply try to apply it to your skin and to see how it feels. In fact, most experts will advise that you should test a small amount on your manhood before you move to apply it to your whole body. This is because some people react to lubricants differently than others, and some people may feel sore after just a few applications. If you find that applying it to your whole body is too painful, then opt for a cream formula.
    Coconut Oil has many natural benefits that you definitely want to consider when looking at the pros and cons of masturbation lube. First of all, coconut oil has been shown to be an effective medium for sperm penetration. Furthermore, it is a very safe substance to use for both partners. While it is not the best kind of material to use for masturbation, it is still an excellent lubricant and it works well to keep everything running smoothly. Plus, if you are someone who prefers a mild type of material for your sexual activities, then coconut oil is a great option that you should definitely consider.
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