• What Difference between dab and wax pen ?

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    In this article we are going to outline the difference between the dab and wax pen. Are they one and the same or two completely different products?

    It is very common to hear dab pens and wax pens being used parallel to each other. Their purposes are very similar but there is a small difference that distinguishes the two. Both pens use THC concentrate however, you cannot use dab concentrates in a wax pen though you can still use wax concentrates in a dab pen.

    Difference between Dab and Wax Pen

    Just to go a little more in depth, a wax pen would be a vaporizer that you load with different forms of cannabis extract. Dab pens on the other hand are cartridges that can be loaded with either THC distillate or THC oil that is screwed onto a battery. 

    It is important also to remember that whenever the word pen is used it does not only mean pen shaped devices. It has become a broad term that applies to electronic handheld devices that perform this function.

    Are wax pens the same as dabs?

    Wax pens and Dab pens are made out of the same parts which are basically a battery and a heating element. In a dab pen the concentrate is taken into the heating chamber whereas in a vape it goes into a cartridge and it will be in liquid form.

    Do DAB pens waste wax?

    Dab pens do not waste wax because they can actually extract optimum flavor out of it. However wax vape pens are not ideal when it comes to vaping wax itself. Very weird for a wax vape pen right?

    This factor has a lot to do with the way the wax vape pen is designed. The heating element inside it is designed to turn liquid into vapour. This requires less energy than turning solid into vapour.

    Since wax is in a solid state it will overwork the wax vape pen which leads to a shorter life span of your device.  Not to mention that you end up with partly extracted concentrate that cannot be reused. That becomes a big waste which you really want to avoid.

    Can you put vape juice in a wax pen?

    The short answer to this is yes you can put vape juice in a wax pen. There difference is that it will be a very weak vape. If you are trying to maintain a nicotine habit this will not give you the kind of outcome you desire.

    Can a dab pen get you high?

    Most dabs contain about 70%-90% THC in them. This is a very high concentration of THC and you can get high very fast and very strong as well. It is not recommended for beginners at all as you can actually pass out from taking a hit. 

    It is very important to know exactly what you are taking in before you do and how much of it your body can tolerate.

    How do you smoke out of a wax pen?

    First of all you want to make sure your pen is fully charged. Before you switch it on you want to make sure your pen has the wax inside of it.

    Wax is really sticky and gooey. If you get it on your bare hands you may have trouble using anything else with your hands. To effectively load your bowl, use a dabbing tool. Always make sure you do not put too much or too little. About the size of a grain of rice is a good amount.

    After this close your pen properly making sure it is air tight. This ensures that no energy is wasted during the vaporization process and that the battery is used effectively.  

    The next step is setting the temperature according to the concentrate you have in your pen. Most of the time 400 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to get the flavours out without burning. However some pens have a set temperature so you cannot really adjust the temperatures.

    At this point you can softly inhale using the mouthpiece.  That is how you smoke out of a wax pen.


    Both wax pens and dab pens are great products and effective at what they are designed to do. One is not necessarily better than the other but you have to be clear on the outcome you are looking for so that you get your desired results.

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