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    In today's era, the entire life of a human is revolving around technology. Without technology, it is impossible to accomplish any task. From remote control of a television to a Smartphone we are dependent upon technology. AI is also a part of technology and has become an important part of our daily routine. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It has transformed the education system and made it easier for all. Further, in this article, all the readers will read about how Artificial Intelligence is transforming education. Don?t leave the article in between or may lose interest while reading the article.




    Corona Virus is a great example that has proved the importance of Artificial Intelligence. All the schools, colleges, and educational institutions of the entire world are closed due to COVID19. Still, after all this, it has not affected the study of the students who are attending online classes and getting home tasks as they used to get in school from the teachers. This has become possible because of Artificial Intelligence. Today, it is not necessary for the students to attend physical classes as they have computers and stable internet connection. These two help them to gain education and shape their skills. AI provides many opportunities for students which couldn't be found in earlier times in the four-walls of fixed classrooms and out-dated textbooks. Software developers have prepared better ways to check the answers for both objective and subjective type question papers. It has also proved valuable in the process of admissions and evaluating students' performance.



    This platform explains the content given in the textbook, such as questions, fill-ups, true-false, practice tests, and summaries of the chapters, etc. in short, a student doesn't need to take help from a textbook. Teachers teach their students with the help of video conferencing, video calling, and an app like Zoom. These traditional textbooks are made for the average student and printed in large numbers, but what about those students who perform excellently in their academics. Smart content is designed for these students as well to gain some extra knowledge and make their unique place in academics.


    Many students are not capable of learning in groups as they need an individual's attention, so for this also teachers can provide them a regular individual session with the help of the internet and laptop. As a result, teachers get the chance to solve these types of students' problems, so that hey can score well. The job of teaching will remain complex, which requires a lot of hard work, patience, and knowledge. This means that teachers won't be replaced by robots ever in future


    AI has brought the school and colleges in every home and promotes distance learning. Now, students prefer distance learning rather than regular learning, regardless of the study material, they used to learn at schools and colleges they get those at websites and online classes. The Govt. of India is also thinking of investing in Artificial Intelligence online education.


    ITS stands for Intelligent Tutoring System. Benjamin Bloom, who is an educational psychologist, his research says that the tutoring system provides great opportunities to students and teachers as it offers advanced learning and skills.


    Everything has become virtual from online classes to online business. AI has developed virtual classes in which students and teachers can see each other face to face and students can ask their doubts. A big advantage of this is, it saves time and money.

    It can be concluded that Artificial Intelligence is boon for students and teachers, which helps the students to get better education, knowledge, and better opportunity to shape their skills. Teachers teach, solve problems, the curriculum is decided, and worksheets are already prepared. They just deliver their knowledge to students. The future of the students is bright in the field of education because of AI. These facts force us to consider Artificial Intelligence as a lifelong learning companion in the sector of education.

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