• Steps to Change From Negative Energy to Positive Energy With the Help of Vastu

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    Vastu Shastra has been helping many people in enhancing positive vitality in their house or spot where they invest the majority of their energy. It has the ability to bring different positive viewpoints to an individual's life by creating a situation that can transform negative vitality into a positive one. This may not accept many endeavors as it can include changing certain items or inculcating a couple of strategies. Here are some of the ways that can help in changing such negative vitality into positive ones.


    For changing the progression of vitality in the space, rearranging a few articles or hindrances can be useful. Fundamentally, by rearranging, the progression of positive vitality can be in a superior manner and such an open plan doesn't inhibit the positive vitality.

    Enhance air circulation

    For enhancing the positive vitality in a house one needs to ensure the indoor air is new. For this, keeping the windows can be useful in improving the progression of air. This can be a simple thing to do and one needs to pursue this even in winter. Outside air and daylight are the best wellsprings of positive vitality.

    Peaceful nature

    Growing plants and blooms can make the spot bright and enhances positive vitality. So growing them in the house can improve the climate and picked those indoor plants that needn't bother with water a lot.

    Salt therapy

    This can seem like another idea, however very accommodating in improving positive vitality in a house. Salt is considered as an extraordinary chemical and known for eliminating negative vitality. Placing a bowl of ocean salt in the house and discarding after a certain time can be useful.

    Use mirrors to decorate

    Mirrors help in making the spot look more brilliant. As it can successfully reflect light and assimilates the negative vitality in a house. According to Vastu Shastra, placing a mirror in the entrance or in the room, with the end goal that mirrors the bed can be useful in transforming the negative vitality into positive ones.

    The proper direction

    The direction wherein an individual rests can affect the kind of vitality streams around them according to Vastu Shastra. An individual should ensure they rest by pointing their heads towards the east facing house with the end goal that their feet are pointed towards west. People should ensure their heads ought not to point north for any situation while lying down.


    A house entrance should be decorated with the end goal that positive vitality streams over the remaining areas and aides in making the section look more brilliant. The adornment can likewise make a lovely and gives a positive feeling to an individual entering in.

    Kitchen location

    The location of the kitchen ought to be South-East corner and cooking ought to be done that would confront the East. According to Vastu Shastra, one should ensure the kitchen ought not to be before the main entryway of the entrance.


    These are some of the ways to change the negative vitality into positive vitality. On the off chance that Vastu proposals are actualized for each house, people can be fruitful in eliminating the contrary progression of vitality.

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